Thursday, July 29, 2010

Endurance Cert at ACF

What's your CrossFit "Helen" time? It could be better in a weekend once you improve your running efficiency. Maybe you want to improve your 5K, 1 Mile or 400M time? Or run a faster marathon? The CrossFit Endurance Certification promises to turn mediocre performers into great athletes.

ACF will be hosting a CFE Certification with coach Brian MacKenzie on Aug. 14-15. This certification is open to all athletes. Over the course of two days, you will run less than 2.5 miles and learn the fundamentals of running technique. You'll also be taught how to utilize CrossFit and minimize oxidative overload to improve your performance in both short and long distances. Cost for participation is $595, and you can register online by clicking HERE.

About Brian MacKenzie:
Brian is an expert in strength and conditioning for endurance athletes. Not only has he completed multiple races at the 50-100 mile running distance, but has also completed Ironman Canada, can deadlift 460# and back squat almost 350#. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with, but is also an excellent teacher and instructor who will leave you excited about endurance training and motivated to improve your performance.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nutrition Lecture @ Atlas

Come out to tomorrow night's Nutrition Lecture here at the box! It will be led by Jen, who will cover the basics of both the Paleo and Zone lifestyles. Jen has just earned her CrossFit Nutrition certification and is eager to share with us all that she's learned. Not to mention, Jen has an extensive background in Nutrition, so tomorrow night promises a wealth of information for all who are eager to learn!

The lecture will start promptly at 6:30pm and will last 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Sign up by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"I Am CrossFit" Challenge

Sign up today for the "I Am CrossFit" Challenge! Since the Paleo Challenge earlier this year, the coaches at Atlas have been hard at work developing a new program that will not only focus on nutrition, but keep participants accountable for consistent training in a fun and challenging way over the next six weeks. With 2010 at its midpoint, its time to really focus on goals that you may have set earlier in the year or those you'd like to accomplish over the next couple months. Whether those goals are losing inches, gaining muscle, increasing strength, setting a new marathon PR, the "I Am CrossFit" Challenge will help you reach them.

“I Am CrossFit” is about holding the belief that you are capable of doing more than you think and taking on the toughest workouts in the world. It doesn't matter whether you are just starting out, if you're scaling the workouts, or if you've been CrossFitting for years - this is about putting yourself to the test, pushing yourself to the next level, and reaching your goals.

The Challenge is limited to the first 50 athletes who sign up to ensure a successful athlete-to-coach ratio. Registration closes on Friday, July 9th, and is open to any current ACF athlete who has completed Basic Training.

When you sign up for the Challenge, you'll choose a coach who will help keep you accountable throughout the six-week program. 10 athletes will make up each "team," encouraging and motivating each other to succeed. Each team and its members will appear on a whiteboard at Atlas. Every time you complete your weekly goals/events, you'll earn a star next to your name. When you miss an event, a meeting with your coach, a benchmark workout, etc., without communicating with your coach, you are out of the Challenge. There are no refunds; however, if you make the commitment, you will succeed! The purpose of the IAC Challenge is to motivate you, inspire you, get you the results you want and help you reach your goals.

Participation in the IAC Challenge costs $125, and upon enrollment, you'll receive:
- Workout programming tailored towards your specific goals that you'll determine with your coach. You will be responsible for completing at least four workouts per week. If you are unable to make it to Atlas for four days out of the week, your coach will email WODs to you that can be completed outside of the box.
- "I Am CrossFit" t-shirt (pictured above)
- "I Am CrossFit" wristband
- Nutrition Lecture on Zone and Paleo Lifestyles
- Weekly Food Log, including grading (you must keep a food log for all six weeks, as your coach will work with you to make adjustments and keep you on track)
- Goal Setting and Assessments, Measurements, Body-Fat Testing, Body Measurements and Before/After Pictures
- An Atlas CrossFit Coach who will hold you accountable, help you with training and nutrition and keep you motivated
- Blood Testing will also be organized and highly encouraged (fasting insulin levels, fasting lipid profiles and vitamin D, all to be discussed in detail at the nutrition lecture)

Winners will be determined by a combination of:
- 33% votes by other participants based on physical changes
- 33% measurement and body fat improvements
- 33% performance improvement on Benchmark WOD
Prizes include a team dinner on ACF for the winning team, 2 months free ACF unlimited membership for 1st place male and female and 1 month free ACF unlimited membership for 2nd place male and female.

Key Dates:
- Sat. July 10: "I Am CrossFit" Benchmark WOD and Challenge Kickoff
- Tues. July 13: "I Am CrossFit" Make-Up Benchmark WOD
- Tues. July 13-Fri. July 16: Goal-setting meetings by each individual coach
- Thurs. July 8 and Sat. July 10: "I Am CrossFit" Nutrition Seminar
- Sat. Aug. 21: "I Am CrossFit" Finale Benchmark WOD
- Tues. Aug. 24: "I Am CrossFit" Make-Up Finale Benchmark WOD